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As summer winds down, I am proud to say that I realized one of my major business goals for this year – to participate in two summer craft shows. It was a large endeavor in which I invested money (purchasing tent, tables, displays, etc.) and time (building my show inventory from practically nothing), but the experience and positive feedback were more than worth it. Now my plans for the fall include getting my Etsy shop inventory back up, revamping two of my bracelet lines, launching a new bracelet line, following up with my wholesale account, and lining up two craft shows for the holidays…Wow! That is a huge agenda for a part-time business!

I admit, Ms. Easygoing is actually feeling a little overwhelmed here! So I decided to take this weekend off…spent yesterday shopping with my sister and today hanging out with Mia and Chase, the Weimaraners. I also spent some time reflecting on my business. This year, I have experienced a nice amount of growth – in addition to the craft shows, my Etsy sales revenue has increased by more than 50% over this time last year! So how do I juggle the extra time my growing business requires? Inspiration does often come in the oddest places…


Try not to be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life…

I recently read an article about Pearl Jam in Forbes Magazine (yes…that’s right…Forbes). The basis of the articles was how PJ chose to scale down their success at the height of their popularity in the early 90’s and forge a lifestyle business that has lasted for over 23 years:

“Pearl Jam’s answer to their hot streak of hit albums was to scale back their success and become a lifestyle business. Rather than focusing on growth, expansion, and increasing return on investment, the goal of lifestyle businesses is to enable their owners to earn a living and sustain their lifestyle. Lifestyle businesses allow their owners to fulfill their ambitions without sacrificing things that are important to them.”

I think that a lifestyle business appeals to most creative types…time always needs to be available to find inspiration and nothing is as detrimental to the creative process as burnout. The main reason I started Serendipity Blu was to feed my creative spirit. I have a great job, but it is in the left-brained dominated financial industry. When I come home from a stressful day at my office, nothing is as soothing as creating things of beauty. (Except maybe Weimaraners!) The added bonus of my creative venture is beefing up my travel budget, my greatest passion.

With that in mind, I have made some important decisions for the fall. I have chosen to not do craft shows until the holidays, even though fall is the busiest show season. I was worried that, after my busy summer, I would feel burnout if I prepped for any shows in the next month or two. Instead, I am taking some vacation time to travel to Salem, Massachusetts in October to experience Haunted Happenings. I also have a couple of big concerts lined up (PJ in Philly in October and Chris Cornell in Atlantic City in November). I also have to remember that I have three months to accomplish everything on my list and it is best to just focus on one task at a time. So for the next two weeks, I am going to work only on getting my shop inventory back up and enjoying these last few precious weeks of summer…

If you are interested in reading the entire PJ article from Forbes, I have included this link:

Pearl Jam Return To The Spotlight As A Mature Lifestyle Business

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i just won the lottery…


Ok, so I didn’t win a Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot, but in my musical world, scoring some sweet presale seats for Pearl Jam’s upcoming fall tour through their fan club ticket lottery has made me quite happy! I will be attending the October 21st gig at the Wells Fargo center in Philly! Tickets for the tour officially go on sale on Saturday, July 27th.

Also looking forward to the new studio disc, Lightning Bolt, slated for an October 15th release. And totally rocking out to the new single, Mind Your Manners, very reminiscent of Spin the Black Circle!

Until next time…

rumor has it…


I am very excited about the buzz on the Internet today. Apparently, it was leaked that Pearl Jam is supposed to release a new single on July 16th (the same day as their show at Wrigley Field in Chicago) called Mind Your Manners!!!

Here are the links with more details of the story:

Loud Wire
Music Feeds Australia
Audio Ink Radio

Since I am seriously jonesing for some new PJ music, I really hope this rumor proves to be true. And, I also hope, the new album (which has been reported to be in the mixing stage) will be released soon after to coincide with a highly anticipated fall tour…

Peace, Love & Pearl Jam,

this week in my musical world


I need to add one more band to this list, the Black Crowes


This past Friday, I attended an amazing Black Crowes show at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. The Robinson Brothers and Company rocked out on a killer set list that included perennial favorites such as Wiser Time, She Talks to Angels, Thorn in My Pride and Jealous Again, as well as newer jams like Movin’ on Down the Line and cover tunes like my favorite, Lou Reed’s Oh Sweet Nuthin’. All in all, a very solid outing by one of my favorite bands for the past 20 or so years.


I was very excited to learn that the Black Crowes will be coming back to the area this summer, on Sunday, August 11th at the Mann Music Center at Philadelphia’s lovely Fairmount Park. They will be performing with another one of my favorite bands, the Tedeschi Trucks Band. If you like bluesy jams, the soulful voice of Susan Tedeschi, and the virtuosity of guitarist Derek Trucks, this is a double header you do not want to miss!



My next concert is coming up soon and I am totally stoked to see Grunge legends Soundgarden on Friday, May 3rd at the Borgata Casino! As I listen to Chris Cornell’s amazing vocals, I will fondly reminisce about my misspent youth…



And speaking of Grunge legends, I am please to report that progress was made during the most recent Pearl Jam studio sessions. Speaking to Rolling Stone, guitarist Mike McCready said that the follow-up to 2009’s Backspacer will be coming out “this year, for sure”. McCready said that seven songs are “relatively completed” and there are an additional 15 “ready to go.” “We’re excited to get it done, because we’ve kind of been waiting for about two years to do it,” he explained. Of the content of the album, which will again be produced by Brendan O’Brien, McCready said inspiration was taken from Pink Floyd and punk rock, adding that the record is “experimental,” and “a logical extension” of what Backspacer was. Music to this Jammer’s ears!


After the LA recording sessions, Pearl Jam headed down to South America to perform at festivals in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. The link below is from a YouTube clip of Eddie Vedder rocking out at Lollapalooza Chile with the Queens of the Stone Age to Little Sister. Need more cowbell, Eddie!



That’s it for now…life is good and the soundtrack is great!

Peace, Love, and Pearl Jam,


One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies, Almost Famous, is “To truly love some silly little piece of music, or some band, so much that it hurts…” And this quote pretty much sums up how I have felt for the past 22 years about my favorite band, Pearl Jam. There was quite a bit of buzz over the Internet this past weekend about PJ. First, Mike Einziger, lead guitarist of Incubus, tweeted to his followers a picture of him accompanying Eddie Vedder and Einziger’s girlfriend in a recording studio with the caption,”In the studio with my girl and Eddie Vedder, recording strings for Pearl Jam’s new album.” This tweet was first picked up by famed LA radio station, KROQ. The accompanying story was that Eddie and Mike were recording strings for Pearl Jam’s new album. This story was then picked up by several other rock music sites all over the Internet. The next day, the music magazine, SPIN, posted a clarification from Pearl Jam’s representative that Mike’s girlfriend, Ann Marie Simpson, an accomplished violinist, was actually the one who was contributing to the new album. Mike Einziger also tweeted the same clarification. Boy, am I glad we cleared that up, but I think we need to focus on the important fact at the center of this whole misunderstanding:


So today’s life lesson for me is to focus on what is truly important and let everything else take care of itself. In my last post, I proudly shared the newest edition of my family, Chase the Weimaraner puppy. Having a puppy is a huge adjustment and I am making sure I spend the appropriate amount of time with him to get him acclimated to his new home. As a result, I have had to readjust the schedule for my business, Serendipity Blu. I originally planned to have at least 75 items in my shop for the summer season and to schedule at least two craft shows for the summer. I committed to two shows in Cape May, NJ in July and August, but I have no additional inventory other than what is listed in my Etsy shop. I had to decide what is more important: making new inventory for my shop or start to prepare for the shows. Since my shop is hovering around 50 well assorted items, I decided to focus on creating my craft show inventory, and I am proud to say, this week I crafted 10 new Betty Bracelets! I am also proud to say that Chase has yet to chew up the leather cord.


I should probably also post on the importance of not spreading any unsubstantiated rumors, since that is how my story began. But I must be honest…I love the Philadelphia Phillies almost as much as I love Pearl Jam. So when people assume that Chase is named after Chase Utley, even though he is not, I usually do not correct them. (Yes, Chase is posing with a Phillie Phanatic toy!)

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I can’t believe it is already Christmas Eve! My shopping is done, presents are wrapped, and now it is time for the festivities! While most of my posts are about my jewelry line, this time of year, I find myself sharing recipes. To me, cooking is a way of loving. How many of us have wonderful memories at the family dinner table, whether for a holiday celebration or a weeknight meal. And giving homemade baked goods as gifts is truly a labor of love. In that spirit, I am sharing a few more of my favorite holiday recipes.


These little gems are another one of my Pinterest success stories! They are tiny pecan pies made with phyllo shells…super easy and super yummy! The prep time is about 10 minutes and the bake time is about the same. I used the recipe from Athens website and they came out great! The only change I made was substituting packed brown sugar for the white sugar. The full recipe is available here:



Christmas Eve for me is a wonderful time of celebration and gathering. My family is of Italian descent, so our menu is based on seafood in honor of the Italian Christmas Eve tradition of the Feast of the Seven Fishes. I decided to try a new recipe to bring with me this year. These crab rangoons are baked (not fried) in phyllo shells (I am really becoming a fan of these!). This great recipe is from the Big Red Kitchen:



What is Christmas without a little holiday spirit? This vivid red cocktail, the Poinsettia, is made with cranberry juice and champagne. I plan on using cranberry-raspberry juice and garnishing with fresh lime slices.


My Christmas is not complete without watching A Christmas Story in its entirety. It was a funny little tradition I had with my Dad before he passed away, which I continue to keep alive in his memory. Sentimental reasons aside, I triple dog dare you to find a more awesome holiday movie!


One of my favorite holiday music collections is This Warm December on Brushfire Records. It is a great mellow assortment featuring artists such as Jack Johnson and G. Love.

Thanks for indulging in my little collection of holiday traditions. This is a wonderful time to share…so I would love to hear about any of your holiday festivities. Please feel free to leave a comment.

I hope for everyone’s holiday wishes to come true during this magical time of year!


Peace, Love & Joy to You & Yours,


Most of my truly great ideas usually begin with Pearl Jam. To say that I am a PJ fan would be a bit of an understatement – I am actually more of a PJ freak. I have been loving their music, seeing their shows, and following them around since Ten was released in 1991. So when Eddie Vedder’s solo tour was postponed from the spring, I decided to ditch the cold NJ weather, and head south to Ft Lauderdale to see rescheduled 11/30 show. I also decided to use the rest of my vacation days to rent a car and drive down to Key West to chill after the concert.


I arrived in Ft Lauderdale on Friday morning to balmy & breezy weather. I took a lovely walk along the beach to relax before heading to Eddie’s show. The above photo shows an amazing fish sculpture on Las Olas Blvd & the beach, made completely of plastic water bottles!

I wanted to grab a bite before the show. Since it was a Friday evening, most places were packed. With my tummy rumbling, I stumbled upon Squiggy’s NY Style Pizza . It is a run down hole in the wall kinda place right in the middle of the downtown area. Anyone who was born & raised in NJ is very discriminating about pizza, and Squiggy’s did not disappoint. The slices were huge, the crust was thin & crispy, and there was just the right amount of cheese. My friend & I managed to snag the only table in the place (most people either stand & eat at the counter or order to go); open pizza boxes were used as tablecloths! Squiggy’s also serves beer ($3 domestic & $4 import bottles), so we just stayed there talking to the owner & enjoying the colorful cast of characters strolling in for a slice until it was time for the show. Squiggy’s is located at 207 Southwest 2nd Street, near all of the bars. It is also walking distance to the night’s destination, Broward Center for Performing Arts.


This is the third time I have seen Eddie’s solo show. He plays small venues for a more intimate experience (this particular theater seats about 2,800). It is also a very casual affair – there is no backing band – just Eddie with his acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, or ukulele. This show was 2 hours & 20 minutes of sheer awesomeness! He played several tunes from his Ukulele Songs CD, including Tonight You Belong to Me – a sweet duet with special guest Chan Marshall. He also jammed on several songs with Glen Hansard – my favorite was Society from his Into the Wild CD. He played just about every other song from that amazing soundtrack, including his finale of Hard Sun. The set list also included Better Days (from Eat, Pray, Love), the Beatles’ You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away (from I Am Sam), and Neil Young’s Rockin’ in the Free World. the night would not be complete without any PJ tunes. Eddie played acoustic versions of Just Breathe & Unthought Known from Backspacer, I am Mine, and the already raw Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town. While I am hard pressed to pick my favorite moment of this incredible show, I have declared it a tie between a hauntingly beautiful version of Betterman performed on his mandolin, and an acoustic version of Porch from Ten. The energy of both the crowd and Eddie was just as intense during this stripped down version as it is during a PJ arena show. All in all, a completely amazing experience, and a perfect way to begin a vacation!


Hit the road early the next morning, taking Route 1 South from Ft Lauderdale all the way to Mile Marker 0. Once you hit the Keys, Route 1 becomes the Overseas Highway, and the ride turns very scenic: classic Florida kitsch and the expanse of beautiful blue waters. Stopped off at Bob’s Bunz (Mile Marker 81 on Isla Morada) for breakfast. The portions were generous, the prices were reasonable, and the onsite bakery was scrumptious!


The Douglas House was so welcoming with its friendly staff and comfortable appointments that I immediately melted into both the adirondack chair on the front porch and that famous Key West vibe. I highly recommend this guesthouse. The location is great – it is right off of Duval Street, but it is closer to Southernmost Point than Mallory Square – making it quiet for sleeping and easily accessible for attractions. The price is also very reasonable. Check out their website if you are planning to stay in Key West:



Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square is a must do! Experience the lively performers – jugglers, flame throwers, street musicians, etc – and shop the local vendors for one of a kind souvenirs. And, of course, stick around for the famous Key West sunset! After, dine on fresh seafood and wash it all down with a cool beer. Since this is Key West, there are many, many choices.


My favorite meal in Key West was at Blue Heaven (729 Thomas Street in Bahama Village). The place truly lives up to the hype. I opted to go for lunch during the week to avoid the long lines.

Other places I recommend to eat include: Six-Toed Cat (823 Whitehead Street – near Hemingway House) for a hearty breakfast or lunch and Old Town Mexican Cafe (609 Duval Street) for its shrimp & crab burrito and $12 domestic beer buckets.


If you are in Key West, you must go to Smokin’ Tuna Saloon (4 Charles Street – just off Duval) and see Rusty Lemmons. The crowd at the Tuna is more mellow than the typical Duval scene and the music mix ranges more towards blues, southern rock, classic rock, and alternative country than pop. I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Rusty while I was in Key West, and not only is he an outstanding performer and talented musician/singer/songwriter, but he is also a warm, friendly, genuine person. He brings such soul to his set, whether he is playing If I Had a Boat by Lyle Lovett, Up On Cripple Creek by The Band, or one of his original songs.

These two bars Are notable for their great happy hour specials. The Lazy Gecko (203 Duval Street) has BOGO from 5-8 (5-Midnight on Sunday & Monday). Two Friends Bar (512 Front Street) has half price appetizers (try the conch fritters) and the best slogan on the island: “No greater love than the enduring, tender love…of one drunken friend for another.”


Since my blog is primarily about jewelry, I decided to round out my little travelogue with some of the treasure I brought back from Key West:

The bright turquoise flower ring at the top of the photo is made from leather and only cost $5 at Toko Indo (513 Duval Street.) This is a great little boutique with fun finds from my favorite place on the planet, Bali.

The sterling silver & blue opal crab pendant is from Local Color (425 Green Street.) The selection of sterling jewelry here is vast, the prices are fair, and the service is friendly without being pushy.

The luminous teal fused glass pendant is a one of a kind find from a vendor at Mallory Square.

The last pendant, a beautiful pink and yellow mandala, was purchased from my favorite boutique in Key West, Wanderlust (310 Petronia Street.) All jewelry is locally made, and all clothing and other fashion accessories are from up & coming indie designers. Definitely check it out next time you are in Key West.

Always remember, when traveling, leave only footprints and take only memories (& a really great piece of locally crafted jewelry!)

Peace, Love & Pearl Jam!

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