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Where has the time gone? I can’t believe it is August already! So far, this summer, I have been prepping for my first two craft shows (the photo above is from one I did last month and my next one is coming up in two weeks!), which I did not realize would be so much work. To balance all of that frantic energy, I spent the rest of my leisure time hanging out with my friends at the beach and being lazy with the world’s two most spoiled weimaraners. What has been lacking, however, is the amount of time I have been spending on my Etsy shop and my blog. I am pleased that the creative juices are now flowing again and, for my first shop post in a while, I would like to introduce you to two new Betty Bracelets inspired by my recent trip to New Orleans.



This delicate beauty is flirty and feminine with alternating hot pink and petal pink recycled glass beads surrounded by very chic deep brown leather. A lovely silver fleur de lis toggle completes the look. The full listing can be viewed here:

Jazz Bracelet

This bracelet was inspired by the many jazz clubs I visited in NOLA. While the hippest ones are located on Frenchmen Street, one of the most important ones, Preservation Hall, is located right in the French Quarter.


Preservation Hall opened its doors in 1961. The hall was created as a sanctuary, to protect and honor New Orleans Jazz which had lost much of its popularity to modern jazz and rock n roll. Allan and Sandra Jaffe, the hall’s founders, wanted a place where New Orleans musicians could play New Orleans Jazz, a style, they believed, should not disappear.

Today, over 40 years later, the hall is still going strong. On any given night, the hall is filled to capacity with people eager to hear New Orleans jazz played by veteran musicians as well as younger ones learning and embracing this incredible genre.



This whimsical bracelet begins with rustic honey brown leather surrounding ethereal pale aqua blue recycled glass beads. It is accented with a spirited sugar skull artisan toggle. The full listing can be viewed here:

Voodoo Bracelet

Voodoo is almost synonymous with New Orleans. On my last visit, I learned about the Bone Gangs of NOLA, which is a wonderful blending of voodoo traditions and jazz music.


The North Side Skull and Bone Gang, based in the Treme neighborhood of the city, has been waking up New Orleans at dawn to usher in Mardi Gras since 1819! They dress in skeleton costumes, which is an homage to their voodoo roots, while playing lively NOLA jazz. I first learned of this wonderful tradition from the work of local artist, Joy Gauss:

Joy’s Clay Art

If you would like to keep up with the happenings of the North Side krewe, you can follow their blog here:

NOLA Skull & Bones

That’s about it for now…I have a crystal clear pool and two doggies waiting for me outside…

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I am very pleased to be donating these two Betty Bracelets to the Tri-State Weimaraner Rescue. The Rescue is an all volunteer non-profit organization organization which helps to place rescued Weimaraners in loving homes in NJ, PA, and DE.

I have dubbed the bracelets “The Gray Ghosts,” as this is a very common nickname for the Weimaraner breed. The bracelet on the left was crafted with larger light gray and smaller sky blue recycled glass beads accented by a dragonfly toggle. The bracelet on the right has a charcoal gray and bright pink color combo with a tropical hibiscus toggle. They will be featured prizes for the silent auction at the Rescue’s 7th Annual Fundraiser and Volunteer Picnic, which will be held next Saturday, May 4th from 12:00 to 4:00 in Lumberton, NJ. More info is available here:

Tri-State Weimaraner Rescue

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new beads just in from java


I just received my newest order of recycled glass beads from Indonesia this week and they are stunning! I tried some new bright colors for spring: hot pink, electric blue, bright teal. I also went for softer neutrals like black, blush pink, frosty clear. I also tried some new shapes and sizes. The photo above, taken in direct sunlight, shows how the beads can really shimmer!

Should you import supplies?

I purchased these beads directly from a small Indonesian owned company in western Java. I decided to import for two reasons: the price is significantly less expensive and the selection is amazing. The major drawbacks to importing directly are the wait (two weeks production time and 1 1/2 weeks shipping time); the high wholesale minimums (10 strand minimum per each type/color of bead); and the high shipping costs (which usually doubles the original price of the beads). After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to buy direct. I will mow be selling at craft shows this year and I will more than likely use this large lot (68 strands!) of beads. The company I work with is Kreasi Bali:


I also import Hill Tribes silver directly from Thailand. I work with a small company based in Chiang Mai, Asia Charisma, that I discovered on one of my trips to Thailand. As with the Indonesian beads, the prices are significantly lower (which then allows me to keep my prices lower) than purchasing here in the United States. Thai post also usually has a flat-rate for international shipping. Here is a link to Asia Charisma’s website:


I do not import all of my supplies. For my leather, I have a wonderful distributor, Leather Cord USA, that has that a fantastic selection and super quick shipping. I also order my African Trade Beads from two different vendors here in the United States. I do not use as many of these beads as I do the ones from Indonesia, so it would not be cost effective for me to import such a small shipment.

Here are two Betty Bracelets created with my newest beads:


Waimea Wahine

This flirty little stacking bracelet is extra feminine with hot fuchsia beads! The vibrant pink color is a perfect complement to the dainty hibiscus toggle. The entire listing can be viewed here:



Waipo Valley

This bold statement bracelet is even more stunning with these super chunky black beads and retro butterfly toggle! More details can be seen here:


Do you order your supplies from one source, or have you acquired a varied selection of distributors? Have you considered importing directly? If you use unique supplies (like my recycled glass beads), this may be a cost-effective alternative for you.

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