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new beach bum necklaces


I just listed some beautiful new necklaces for spring and summer. They are hand-woven leather in a fun choker length at 16 inches. They are also very eco-friendly as they are created with recycled glass beads. I call them “Beach Bums” because they can be worn all day at the beach (sand & salt water proof!) and take you into a breezy summer evening, whether you are wearing a flirty little dress or jeans & classic white shirt. Here is a sampling of the new collection:


Bali Bliss

This curvy bathing beauty is quite the stunner with super chunky (14-15 mm) marbled recycled glass beads from Ghana in gorgeous ocean hues of cobalt blue and seafoam green! The beads are accented with smaller (10-11 mm) Indonesian recycled glass beads in a matching shade of seafoam. They are wrapped in deep distressed brown leather, woven using a double overhand knot technique and finished with a simple toggle closure. Very boho beach chic! The full listing can be viewed here:


Bermuda Sands


This delicate beach beauty begins with honey brown distressed leather, woven in a basic square knot pattern. It is complemented with soft, shimmering 8 mm petal pink Indonesian recycled glass beads and a Thai Hill Tribes silver flower pendant. It is feminine, fun and flirty, just like a perfect island bloom! More details can be viewed here:


This collection ranges in price from $36 to $39 USD. This price includes free 1st Class USPS delivery with confirmation for US customers. I also have a special offer for my blog readers of 15% off your entire order through Nerd Wallet Indie; please click on the link to the right for more details. The entire Beach Bums collection can be viewed here:


Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your browsing!



african surf safari


I am so excited! I recently acquired some amazing African trade beads for some new spring designs. They are made by the Krobo People of Ghana, Africa, using a centuries old technique. The process begins by pressing glass into a fine powder and heating it until the particles fuse together. The glass is then poured in clay molds and the stem of a cassava leaf is used to make the bead hole. The beads are then baked in an oven, causing the glass to melt together and the stem to burn. The end result is a soft matte finish very similar to seaglass that just POPS in direct sunlight!


The colors are just incredible! I am very much in love with marbled effect on some of beads. I also love that these beads are not only crafted with recycled glass, but are also fair trade.


The beads I chose for this series of Betty Bracelets are larger than what I normally work with – a whopping 14mm! I decided to use thicker leather (1mm instead of .05mm) in a soft distressed shade of honey brown. I spaced the beads a little further apart using the above pattern, which is a variation on a basic square knot. The bracelets are then terminated with a bold button to complement the beads. Here is the roundup of the new collection:



Named after a very challenging surf break in Cape Town, South Africa, this Betty features stunning cobalt blue & seafoam green marbled beads with a white-washed copper dragonfly button. More details are available here:




Named after the capital city of Sierra Leone, an up and coming surf destination, this Betty features earthy brown and clear swirled glass beads with a white washed brass tribal sun button. The full listing can be viewed here:




Named for a popular surf beach on the southern coast of exotic Morocco, the Betty features delicate blush pink beads and a brass nautilus shell button with a verdigris green finish. Item details can be found here:




Named after another impressive surf break in Cape Town, South Africa, this Betty features cobalt and clear swirled beads (together they create the hue of a perfect summer sky!) and a pewter tribal artisan button. It is available here:




Named after an archipelago off the Atlantic Coast of Africa, this Betty features seafoam green beads and a fun daisy pewter button. The full listing can be viewed here:


Thanks for taking the time to view my new Betty Bracelet collection! Be sure to check often as I am adding more great new designs for spring!


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