Handmade clasps are a great finishing touch to jewelry designs. They truly make original creations even more special. My Mayan Sun Necklace, show above, is comprised of a completely hand crafted chain…it almost seems a shame to finish it with a plain clasp.


All of the clasps shown are made with 20 gauge half hard (HH) German silver wire. It is a mix of non-tarnishing alloys that is very easy to work with and wears very well. The first two clasps form an elaborate hook & eye that I like to use in my wire work designs (it is what I used in Mayan Sun). The middle clasp is a nice statement piece for my seaglass pendants which are strung on basic suede or leather cords. The last two form a more simple hook & eye that I like to use with my macrame leather work. It really adds a special flair to the casual bracelet pictured below:


Here is a link to my Mayan Sun necklace available at my Etsy shop: