I am getting ready for my first craft show in two weeks and I am finalizing my display. I am pleased with this layout. It will be a small show, so I only need a four feet square table. I am featuring both Mermaid Tears (genuine seaglass pendants) and Betty Bracelets (woven leather with recycled glass.)

I already had the natural wood bracelet and necklace displays, but I wanted my display to have a more shabby look. I chose a vintage lace tablecloth that used to belong to my grandmom as my base. For the seaglass, I found an old pine CD crate, turned it over, and set one of my necklace displays on it. The display is holding neutral suede cords in 2 lengths to accompany the seaglass pendants. I found the beautiful screen display – it is actually an earring rack – and attached the pendants to it with wire. I simply propped this display up on the wooden crate. I finished the display with a vintage light blue Mason jar filled with small seashells and white lights – I love the way the seaglass reflects the lights! Here is a close up of this part of my show setup:


I kept the display for my Betty Bracelets fairly simple. I placed a wooden necklace display behind a matching bracelet display to add an interesting height contrast and accented them with seashells:


Since this is a holiday show, I will also be including packaging with each purchase. I found darling little Chinese food takeout containers and small kraft gift bags at my local Big Lots for a great price:


I also have my essentials packed: business cards, discount cards, merchandise tags, muslin bags, and card swiper:


The love my square business cards! The shape really sets them apart. I like to have just an image (this daisy design matches my Etsy shop banner) on the front and the text on the back. I ordered these from Uprinting:


As a way of saying thanks, I always offer a discount to my customers for their next purchase. These mini cards make great coupons. I used a Betty Bracelet image for the front and a coupon code and web address on the back. These cards are a special offer for Etsy shop owners from Moo Printing. You can get 100 free cards (note the cards have the Etsy logo on them) and only have to pay $5.00 shipping fee. I was thrilled with both the quality and the price:


I feel it is very important to brand your work. My image is beachy/boho/rustic. I use these simple muslin bags and kraft jewelry tags (tied with thin hemp cord) for a coordinated look. The tags are from Dolphin Beads Designs. You can find a full array of personalized tags and earring cards on their website:


I will be trying out my brand new Square card reader. Stay tuned in future posts to see how well it works for me. I am also including a stylus – it just seems like a more professional touch than having customers sign my iPhone with their fingers.

I’ll let you know how I do with my first show! It is tough for jewelry artisans – there are so many out there and it can be hard to distinguish your work from everyone else. I believe that I can have a successful show by setting up a very creative display, adding some little extras, and focusing on a niche market.