Betty is slang for a female surfer. The Betty Bracelets are my updated version of the great surfer-style bracelets I would adorn during my youth at the Jersey Shore. The design begins with super soft distressed leather woven in a classic macrame pattern. Recycled glass beads add a colorful yet rustic accent and a beach-inspired button anchors the design. These are fun, chunky bracelets and they are perfect for layering.

Each Betty Bracelet is named for a famous surfing spot. The hibiscus bracelet, Bonzai Pipeline, is the fabled break on Oahu’s North Shore. The mermaid bracelet, Cloudbreak, is a popular surf spot in Fiji:



Recycled glass beads from Indonesia are made from molten fritters of colored glass, creating a soft beach glass effect. I source my beads from a small Indonesian-owned company that believes in sustaining green principles and supports the ecosystem by using discarded items such as bottles, jars, and windows as crude materials. Each bead is individually handmade using centuries old techniques passed down generation by generation. The end result is an amazing piece of eco-chic jewelry!


REcologie, an amazing green boutique in Larchmont, NY, carries my Betty Bracelets and well as my Mermaid Tears Seaglass Pendants:


The entire Betty Bracelet Collection can be viewed (and purchased!) here: